Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Can you love other races more
than Jesus and Buddha do?

Can you love Christians/Muslims so much that you show them a different way?

Jesus – called Isa, in Islam - is the future messiah in both Christianity and Islam. The Christian Bible claims that Jesus allegedly said that he had only come to help one particular ethnicity/race (Mt 15:24), the Israelites, aka god’s “chosen people”. This is not traditional racism, i.e. “skin-color” racism, but rather "ethnic racism”. Can you love humanity so much that you believe that all races/ethnicities are “chosen”? If you believe that an “all-knowing” god created us, then doesn’t it make sense that he would be smart enough to love all his “children” equally, like you do?

God/Jesus and Allah, to this day, apparently fully approve of slavery. We love Christians/Muslims, and wonder if they can love their families so much that you believe that they deserve texts that contain no approval of racism in them?

Ask yourself “if I had a god’s alleged super-powers, would I have said ‘work to end slavery within the next 25 years’”? Few if any “gods” have ever taught that, so if you answer “yes” then you’ve moved to a higher ethical level than even most of the “gods” have. If you are more ethical than most gods, then wouldn’t you probably have a great chance of getting into “heaven”, and avoiding “hell” (if they exist)? We believe that you are more amazing than you yourself realize!

Let’s have the most inclusive belief system in the world. God/Jesus was apparently against helping certain ethnicities/races, allegedly teaching "Don't [teach] the Gentiles or the Samaritans” (Matthew 10:5). Instead of exclusion, as a Scientific Humanist, you can be extremely inclusive. For example, you’d probably let ethical non-believers into “heaven”, and avoid “hell”, if it were up to you (unlike God/Jesus)! You can set a new standard for love and inclusion.

Don’t discriminate against black people - because you and “god” (if s/he exists) are black. That’s because science proves that our species started in Africa. If you believe that we were “created in god’s image”, then that would mean that “god” is black, too.

The Buddha apparently taught the following

1. His skin color is superior to all others - in "The 32 Signs of a Great Man" (if it was you, you might have mentioned “women”, as well?) We love Buddhists, but let’s teach our children that all skin colors are equal – it’s what’s inside their heart that matters.

 2. His eye color (blue) is superior. This would unfortunately imply that blacks, East Asians, etc. would be inferior. You are not inferior due to your skin color or eye color. Hitler taught that blue eyes are superior, but you can move beyond supremacism… “equalism”. Our hearts are all the same color! Not carrying around racial hatred in your heart will make you a happier person, as well.

3. His hair color is superior. Also, straight hair is inferior. This implies that certain ethnicities that don’t have his hair color, or curliness, are inferior. But we teach that they are just as valuable as any other race. Let’s love all people – no matter what their color. By raising up all races, we raise our whole species – making us better than we were before!

On this important moral issue, can you out-love even people who are as loving as God/Jesus and Buddha? Can you potentially be more ethical than even many of ”The 50 Greatest People of All Time” - since many of them were unfortunately racists - including Marx, Gandhi, Lincoln, Jefferson, Winston "Keep England White" Churchill, etc.? So if you become a Scientific Humanist and work hard at being against racism, then wouldn’t you likely have a great shot at “heaven”, and avoiding “hell” (if they exist)?

For 244 years the Catholic Church chose to have never made even one black cardinal in America (through 2019). So you can be more ethical in this regard than the Popes are if you try to be more inclusive when you hire people?

Equality is unfortunately not one of the Bible’s 10 Commandments. But it is in the 10 Commandments” of our belief system - “Treat people equally - regardless of gender, race, caste, sexual-orientation, etc.” The world will be a better place if you follow the “10 Commandments” of the Center For Scientific Humanism. Scientific Humanism would be your best shot at “heaven”, and avoiding “hell” (if they exist).

Action steps

Don’t just say “I’m not racist” – but rather say “I work against racism”. None of the major religions actually teach this.

When people around you say something racist, the days of you being silent are over! Instead, tell them that you’ve grown to love people so much that it’s hard for you to be racist. Racism is like Disco – it’s over, and it’s not coming back.

You can be a great parent by proactively telling your children that, for example, you’ll love their future spouse no matter what race (or religion) that person might be. Be the single greatest role model in your children’s lives that’s against racism.

Animals usually don’t discriminate against people (or animals) based on their color – and you’re smarter than animals are, so you won’t want to discriminate based on color.

In our lifetime, let’s work to end the acceptance of racism.

Are there 8637 places where you can improve on what the Bible has written?

How much do you believe in yourself and your family? We believe in you so much that we believe that you can even improve on our own "religion's" book – The Book of Scientific Humanism. We’ve taken the very best from the top 10 religions, and of course added in our own ideas. No religion believes in you so much that it states that you are so great that you can probably improve on it! Because of this, Scientific Humanism will likely give your family the most positive self-image of any religion/overall belief system that you can find.

Can you improve on the writings of some of the greatest people to have ever lived, such as the Buddha? Take this test: the Buddha, in "The 32 Signs of a Great Man" (note he didn't even mention women), says in sign #14 that a certain skin color (his own skin color) is superior. Are you or your family creative enough to write something, such as found in the Book of Scientific Humanism, along the lines of “treat women, and all races, as equals”?

Another example is that critics have listed an alleged 8637 places where you can possibly improve on what the Bible has written (see below). Is it easier for you to improve on what the Bible has written, or what The Book of Scientific Humanism has written? The Book of Scientific Humanism has had around 2000 years of human improvements from which to draw from. Believe in yourself enough to demand a book that can't be improved in 8637 places.

You and your loved ones are incredible, you are amazing - and don't let any one tell you that you are a "sinner" (unless you're in prison right now.) You can be a great and ethical person regardless of which of the 5000+ gods you happen to pick (if any.)

“We believe in you more than you might even
believe in yourself!” - The Book of Scientific Humanism

Are you so great that you can rise above one of the greatest people to have ever lived - Jesus? The Bible says that God/Jesus* won’t allow gays to get into “heaven”, so they get barbaric torture in “hell”Take this test: if it were up to you, are you so loving that you would let ethical gays into “heaven” (if it exists), and keep them from brutal torture? If you answer “yes”, then you embrace love, and reject torture, even more than one of the allegedly most loving people who has ever lived. Have faith….faith in yourself, and your family, and in humanity.

Our species is continually improving. You and your family, and your belief system, are no different. Only a few years ago things such as fax machines, and the original iPhone version, were "cutting edge" they are OBSOLETE! An old religion, that won't improve continually, is obsolete as well. You deserve the "latest and greatest" - and that includes your religion, as well.

These total over 8637 places where you could allegedly improve on the wording in the Bible (according to critics):

·       418 unethical teachings. – Your family deserves the most ethical book that you can create!

·       472 instances of the God/Jesus* getting science or history wrong. – the Bible claims that all scripture is breathed-out, or inspired byGod/Jesus*. So since scripture gets science or history this terribly wrong, you might not want to bring divine scripture forward into your belief system, since your family deserves so much more than that.

·       1312 instances of severe cruelty and horrific violence - many committed by the heroes of the Bible, and approved by God/Jesus*. You’re so great that you deserve a violence-free belief system.

·       705 instances teaching intolerance, and/or racism. – many committed by God/Jesus*.

·       558 misleading contradictions. – your family deserves a book with zero contradictions (like the Book of Scientific Humanism.)

·       389 instances teaching terrible treatment of women -  many committed by the heroes of the Bible. Let’s “love women as equals.”

·       1544 crimes/injustices - many committed by the heroes of the Bible, and approved by God/Jesus* Most of these are considered huge felonies by Scientific Humanist standards.

·       60 instances teaching hatred of gays. – we teach to “love LGBTQ+ as equals.”

·       2363 instances of crazy teachings – you deserve “no crazy”.

·       188 boring/useless things - your family deserves to not have these in your family’s #1 book.

Believe that your family is creative/intelligent enough to sometimes improve on what others have written!

Peace and love.

*The Bible says that Jesus IS God. It also says that all scripture is breathed-out, or divinely inspired by, God/Jesus. The New Testament arguably also says that Jesus strongly approves of the old law and the prophets.

Center For Scientific Humanism

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The 'Ten Commandments' of Scientific Humanism

The 'Ten Commandments' of Scientific Humanism

1. Believe in freedom:
a. Political (secular democracy)
b. Religious
c. Freedom of speech

2. Be extremely skeptical of all supernatural-related claims.
For the answers to Universe/Nature look to evidence-based scientific-inquiry (current and future progress,) and human reason.

3. Increase the overall happiness of society, by being very ethical, legal, and being good for the sake of being good.

4. Have love and compassion for everyone in the world brother/sisterhood, even people of different religious/political/societal beliefs, and your “enemies”. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

5. Treat people equally, regardless of gender, race, “caste”, sexual-orientation, etc.

6. Follow our '12 Best Steps to Wellness''

7. Work smart and hard.

8. Do charity/volunteer work.

9. Work for peace and harmony.

10. Help our environment.

Is the “New Morality” better than even Jesus’ morality?

 You are faced with a choice of two different moralities to follow - “The Old Morality”, or “The New Morality”. The Old Morality is the morality that was taught prior to this century - the Bible (God/Jesus), the Qur’an, the Buddhist texts, the Hindu texts, etc. The New Morality is the updated/modernized morality that is being taught in this century – Scientific Humanism is one example.
Below are some examples of Old vs. New. This could be one of the most important decisions in your family’s life. Choose carefully.
1. The Old Morality teaches that if your family simply thinks differently than Jesus, even if they are extremely ethical, that they will get burned/tortured alive for 99.999999999%+ of their total existence (counting the “after life”.)
The New Morality is the opposite of this, as it teaches “Love people so much that you can’t accept them burning in hell just for thinking differently.”
2. The Old Morality of Jesus teaches that your family is bad (“sinners”, and “evil” or “wicked” – for something that happened thousands of years ago, that you have no say in.)
The New Morality teaches that your family is good (“you are a winner and not a sinner”, etc.) To believe in yourself enough to not let negativity or fear hold you back.
3. The Old Morality teaches that gays are so evil that they should be killed, and that God/Jesus won’t let them into “heaven”, and instead they go to “hell”. Jesus himself only defined marriage as between a man and woman.
The New Morality teaches to “love LGBTQ equally”. That if it were up to you that you would let gays into “heaven”, and avoid “hell”. That marriage can also be between a man and a man, and also between a woman and a woman. The New Morality strives to be hate-free.
4. The Old Morality teaches that your mother is inferior to men. Christianity and Islam teach that the women you love are only worth half a man. Jesus’ New Testament doesn’t think that your mother is smart enough to speak during church services. The Qur’an teaches to beat women.
The New Morality teaches that your mother should be appreciated enough to be treated as equal to men. Basing things on merit, and not on what’s between the legs. Simply love women too much to discriminate against them.
5. The Old Morality says that it’s ok to teach unscientific things to your children. Examples include a talking donkey, a talking snake, dragons, 32,000 foot-tall beings are real (a Buddhist sect), a man living inside a fish for 3 days, etc. These books are likely well-intended, but to be correct would need to be updated.
The New Morality teaches that your children deserve to be taught, as real, things that have a court-room level of evidence for them - and are scientifically-correct. Science has proven that the specific “god” in the BIBLE is not real.
Is this New Morality more loving and compassionate than the Old Morality of someone even as great as, say, Jesus? Please let us know. If you believe this New Morality is more loving and compassionate, then wouldn’t teaching the New Morality to your children, instead of the Old Morality (Bible, etc.), give you and your family a better shot at a good “after-life” (if any) – assuming that the after-life judge (a “god”) was also loving and compassionate as well?
Scientific Humanism doesn’t bring forward any of the above-mentioned old teachings, but does bring forward all of the above-mentioned new/modern/updated teachings. Also, the good parts of the Old Morality, such as “love your neighbor”, etc., we do bring forward. By doing this we are helping show that we love followers of other belief systems just as much as we love followers of our own belief system.
Will the world be a more loving place if, over the next few decades, “The New Morality” (aka “The 21st Century Morality”) slowly replaces “The Old Morality”? We value your input, so please tell us what you think about this by giving us your comments, below – or post a video response, etc.
Center For Scientific Humanism.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Quiz: which is better, your religion, or Scientific Humanism?

By answering these six questions, you’ll start to get a handle on which is better for you - your current religion, or the new belief system of Scientific Humanism. Count how many times your religion is best versus how many times Scientific Humanism is best.
1. Which gives you a better chance of avoiding “hell”?
If you believe that an after-life judge (if one exists) is all-loving, then would he look upon you more favorably if your belief system says “love gays, equally”, like The Center for Scientific Humanism says, or to kill gays, like the Bible and Islamic texts say? Would he favor you if you “love people enough to not approve of any ethical people being tortured in hell” (Scientific Humanism), or if you embrace a belief system that is ok with hard-working ethical people being burned alive for simply making the honest mistake of picking the wrong “god” (like Bible/Jesus/Qur’an say) – and said god refuses to provide a court-room level of evidence that he’s true, and that he’s the one true god out of the 5000+ gods on offer.
If he’s all-caring would he favor you if you believe “if it was up to me, I’d let hard-working Jews, Buddhists, etc. into heaven - because I love everybody“ (Scientific Humanism), or if you believe in texts that are bigoted towards Jews, Buddhists, etc. enough to not allow them into “heaven” even if they are harder working and more ethical than you are?
2. Which is more loving and forgiving?
A belief system that teaches to be so forgiving that you can never approve of someone having flooded the entire earth (Scientific Humanism), or one that teaches that it was perfectly fine to have wiped out virtually all of humanity (a holocaust of humanity, including innocent babies) and even virtually all the innocent animals, in a flood (Bible/Islam)?
A belief system that brings forward the good parts of the teachings of Moses and Mohammad (and others), such as to show compassion to the poor - but not the bad parts, such as Moses commanding the slaughter of 3000 innocent people (Exodus 32:28), and Mohammad having 600+ captives beheaded in a single day. Or a belief system that actually approves of those mass killings?
3. Which is more ethical?
Scientific Humanism teaches that “your biggest responsibility is towards your children”. Jesus, although we admire him for believing a number of good things, also believed just the opposite of Scientific Humanism as he urged people to leave their children and “hate” them, in Luke 14:25-27. Scientific Humanism brings forward the good teachings of Jesus, such as “love your neighbor” (and we improve on that, even), but we love too much to bring forward any hatred or extremism.
Scientific Humanism is so compassionate that it teaches “no corporal punishment”. The Qur’an is quite inspirational, but Qur’an 4:34 instructs a man to beat his wife, and says that men are better than women and that men are in charge of women. Do you deserve a belief system that knows right from wrong?
4. Which believes in you the most?
Scientific Humanism believes in you and your children so much (you are awesome) that we encourage you to help us actually improve the texts of our belief system. Jesus and the Qur’an both say that if you try to improve their texts that they will see that you get burned alive.
Scientific Humanism believes in people so much that we would let all ethical people into “heaven” and avoid “hell”, if it were up to us. Jesus and Mohammad, even though well-intended, each seem more self-centered, as they say they will only let people into “heaven” who believe in them personally, and believe you deserve torture if you don’t. We want to create the most forgiving belief system, so we forgive Jesus/Mohammad, and their followers.
5. Which is better for the world?
Scientific Humanism is the most compassionate belief system, so it teaches “no torture”. Bible/Jesus approve of torture 26 times. Is compassion, or torture, better for the world?
We love the women in your family so much that we teach to “not discriminate against women” and “base rewards on merit, not on gender”. Scientific Humanism believes that our texts can move beyond sexism once and for all. Bible/Jesus/Qur’an, though well-intended, teach that your mother and daughters are worth ½ that of a man (Lev 27:3-7, Q2:282, Q4:176, etc.)
6. Which draws from the best of the other great belief systems the most?
Scientific Humanism is the most humble belief system so it is willing to admit that other belief systems have some good words of wisdom to draw from – so we incorporate those good parts into our belief system. This gives you a better belief system than belief systems like Christianity and Islam which are unwilling to do that. We love Christians and Muslims – they are awesome, and want to show them a new way.

If your belief system won, then we’d love for you to email us at and tell us how we can make our belief system as good as yours is. If Scientific Humanism won, then you’ll want to join us at, and help us change the world!
You are incredible.