Friday, February 25, 2022

Quiz: which is better, your religion, or Scientific Humanism?

By answering these six questions, you’ll start to get a handle on which is better for you - your current religion, or the new belief system of Scientific Humanism. Count how many times your religion is best versus how many times Scientific Humanism is best.
1. Which gives you a better chance of avoiding “hell”?
If you believe that an after-life judge (if one exists) is all-loving, then would he look upon you more favorably if your belief system says “love gays, equally”, like The Center for Scientific Humanism says, or to kill gays, like the Bible and Islamic texts say? Would he favor you if you “love people enough to not approve of any ethical people being tortured in hell” (Scientific Humanism), or if you embrace a belief system that is ok with hard-working ethical people being burned alive for simply making the honest mistake of picking the wrong “god” (like Bible/Jesus/Qur’an say) – and said god refuses to provide a court-room level of evidence that he’s true, and that he’s the one true god out of the 5000+ gods on offer.
If he’s all-caring would he favor you if you believe “if it was up to me, I’d let hard-working Jews, Buddhists, etc. into heaven - because I love everybody“ (Scientific Humanism), or if you believe in texts that are bigoted towards Jews, Buddhists, etc. enough to not allow them into “heaven” even if they are harder working and more ethical than you are?
2. Which is more loving and forgiving?
A belief system that teaches to be so forgiving that you can never approve of someone having flooded the entire earth (Scientific Humanism), or one that teaches that it was perfectly fine to have wiped out virtually all of humanity (a holocaust of humanity, including innocent babies) and even virtually all the innocent animals, in a flood (Bible/Islam)?
A belief system that brings forward the good parts of the teachings of Moses and Mohammad (and others), such as to show compassion to the poor - but not the bad parts, such as Moses commanding the slaughter of 3000 innocent people (Exodus 32:28), and Mohammad having 600+ captives beheaded in a single day. Or a belief system that actually approves of those mass killings?
3. Which is more ethical?
Scientific Humanism teaches that “your biggest responsibility is towards your children”. Jesus, although we admire him for believing a number of good things, also believed just the opposite of Scientific Humanism as he urged people to leave their children and “hate” them, in Luke 14:25-27. Scientific Humanism brings forward the good teachings of Jesus, such as “love your neighbor” (and we improve on that, even), but we love too much to bring forward any hatred or extremism.
Scientific Humanism is so compassionate that it teaches “no corporal punishment”. The Qur’an is quite inspirational, but Qur’an 4:34 instructs a man to beat his wife, and says that men are better than women and that men are in charge of women. Do you deserve a belief system that knows right from wrong?
4. Which believes in you the most?
Scientific Humanism believes in you and your children so much (you are awesome) that we encourage you to help us actually improve the texts of our belief system. Jesus and the Qur’an both say that if you try to improve their texts that they will see that you get burned alive.
Scientific Humanism believes in people so much that we would let all ethical people into “heaven” and avoid “hell”, if it were up to us. Jesus and Mohammad, even though well-intended, each seem more self-centered, as they say they will only let people into “heaven” who believe in them personally, and believe you deserve torture if you don’t. We want to create the most forgiving belief system, so we forgive Jesus/Mohammad, and their followers.
5. Which is better for the world?
Scientific Humanism is the most compassionate belief system, so it teaches “no torture”. Bible/Jesus approve of torture 26 times. Is compassion, or torture, better for the world?
We love the women in your family so much that we teach to “not discriminate against women” and “base rewards on merit, not on gender”. Scientific Humanism believes that our texts can move beyond sexism once and for all. Bible/Jesus/Qur’an, though well-intended, teach that your mother and daughters are worth ½ that of a man (Lev 27:3-7, Q2:282, Q4:176, etc.)
6. Which draws from the best of the other great belief systems the most?
Scientific Humanism is the most humble belief system so it is willing to admit that other belief systems have some good words of wisdom to draw from – so we incorporate those good parts into our belief system. This gives you a better belief system than belief systems like Christianity and Islam which are unwilling to do that. We love Christians and Muslims – they are awesome, and want to show them a new way.

If your belief system won, then we’d love for you to email us at and tell us how we can make our belief system as good as yours is. If Scientific Humanism won, then you’ll want to join us at, and help us change the world!
You are incredible.


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