The 50 Greatest People of All Time

Scientific Humanism says that you are a winner, and not a sinner- so you might be able to even move to a higher level than even Jesus’ teachings. You have unlimited potential! We’ll show you how you can often rise to levels, in many very important, non-trivial ways, that even exceed many gods, prophets, and the most admired people of all time. We have strong faith….faith in you!

1.      Many of the 5000+ claimed “gods”. Not always in human form.
2.      Jesus.
3.      Mohammad – founder of the world’s #2 religion.
4.      Isaac Newton – built the foundation of the house of science.
5.      Buddha.
6.      Charles Darwin – showed a more accurate description of our origins than any religion had ever done.
7.      Moses – key prophet to the 3 main Abrahamic faiths.
8.      Albert Einstein - theory of relativity, and the philosophy of science.
9.      Confucius.
10.   Aristotle.
11.   Saint Paul (Saul of Tarsus) –“co-founder” of Christianity.
12.   Lao Tzu - founder of Taoism.
14.   Alexander the Great – greatest military general ever?
15.   Napoleon.
16.   Socrates - some consider the “greatest” philosopher of all time.
17.   Abraham – founder of the 3 main Abrahamic faiths.
18.   Julius Caesar.
19.   William Shakespeare.
20.   Benjamin Franklin – polymath, proved that lighting was not from "god's anger", a Founding Father.
21.   Karl Marx. The communist darling was racist.
22.   Galileo Galilei – proved that most religions have the cosmos all wrong (including the Bible.)
23.   Gandhi. Was racist.
24.   George Washington – main founder of the most influencial representative republic in world history.
25.   Constantine the Great.
26.   Winston Churchill - voted "the greatest Brit ever". Was racist.
27.   Abraham Lincoln – moved America beyond the Abrahamic god’s approval of slavery. Was racist.
29.   Martin Luther (founder of Protestantism).
30.   Homer.
31.   Thomas Edison.
32.   Plato.
33.   Cai Lun – inventor of paper.
34.   Alan Turing – “the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.”
35.   Louis Pasteur.
36.   Christopher Columbus.
37.   Nelson Mandela.
38.   Carl Linnaeus.
39.   Guru Nanak – founder of Sikhism.
40.   Henry Ford – inventor of modern manufacturing.
41.   Archimedes – one of the greatest mathematicians of all time.
42.   Hippocrates.
43.   Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa of Calcutta).
44.   Johannes Gutenberg – founder of modern printing.
45.   Marie Curie.
46.   Thomas Jeffersonprincipal author of Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President, and a Founding Father. Was racist.
47.   Franklin D. Roosevelt – helped win biggest war ever (against “most evil man ever”.) “Person of the century” runner up. Longest-serving, and one of the greatest, presidents of world’s most powerful nation. Lead world’s largest economy out of its greatest depression. Married to 9th most admired person of 20th century.
48.   Mikhail Gorbachev – instrumental in eliminating the greatest potential threat of all time (Cold War nuclear annihilation), replaced the largest communist empire (including the Eastern Bloc) with democracy and human rights, “one of the most significant figures of the second half of the 20th century”, Nobel Peace Prize, twice TIME person of the yearglasnost and perestroika, even won an American Grammy Award.
49.   Martin Luther King, Jr. – modern symbol of civil rights, has US national holiday.
50.   There is mental greatness, and physical greatness. Physically, the best might be whomever has won the most Olympic gold medals (23) – swimmer Michael Phelps.

Note: This is not necessarily “most influencial”, or else hated people like Hitler and Genghis Khan would make this list – it’s more a list of “greatest or most admired” people, who were very influencial. If you have suggestions to improve this list, then please email us at, or write in the comments section.
Let’s love everybody!

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