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Are there 8637 places where you can improve on what the Bible has written?

How much do you believe in yourself and your family? We believe in you so much that we believe that you can even improve on our own "religion's" book – The Book of Scientific Humanism. We’ve taken the very best from the top 10 religions, and of course added in our own ideas. No religion believes in you so much that it states that you are so great that you can probably improve on it! Because of this, Scientific Humanism will likely give your family the most positive self-image of any religion/overall belief system that you can find.

Can you improve on the writings of some of the greatest people to have ever lived, such as the Buddha? Take this test: the Buddha, in "The 32 Signs of a Great Man" (note he didn't even mention women), says in sign #14 that a certain skin color (his own skin color) is superior. Are you or your family creative enough to write something, such as found in the Book of Scientific Humanism, along the lines of “treat women, and all races, as equals”?

Another example is that critics have listed an alleged 8637 places where you can possibly improve on what the Bible has written (see below). Is it easier for you to improve on what the Bible has written, or what The Book of Scientific Humanism has written? The Book of Scientific Humanism has had around 2000 years of human improvements from which to draw from. Believe in yourself enough to demand a book that can't be improved in 8637 places.

You and your loved ones are incredible, you are amazing - and don't let any one tell you that you are a "sinner" (unless you're in prison right now.) You can be a great and ethical person regardless of which of the 5000+ gods you happen to pick (if any.)

“We believe in you more than you might even
believe in yourself!” - The Book of Scientific Humanism

Are you so great that you can rise above one of the greatest people to have ever lived - Jesus? The Bible says that God/Jesus* won’t allow gays to get into “heaven”, so they get barbaric torture in “hell”Take this test: if it were up to you, are you so loving that you would let ethical gays into “heaven” (if it exists), and keep them from brutal torture? If you answer “yes”, then you embrace love, and reject torture, even more than one of the allegedly most loving people who has ever lived. Have faith….faith in yourself, and your family, and in humanity.

Our species is continually improving. You and your family, and your belief system, are no different. Only a few years ago things such as fax machines, and the original iPhone version, were "cutting edge" they are OBSOLETE! An old religion, that won't improve continually, is obsolete as well. You deserve the "latest and greatest" - and that includes your religion, as well.

These total over 8637 places where you could allegedly improve on the wording in the Bible (according to critics):

·       418 unethical teachings. – Your family deserves the most ethical book that you can create!

·       472 instances of the God/Jesus* getting science or history wrong. – the Bible claims that all scripture is breathed-out, or inspired byGod/Jesus*. So since scripture gets science or history this terribly wrong, you might not want to bring divine scripture forward into your belief system, since your family deserves so much more than that.

·       1312 instances of severe cruelty and horrific violence - many committed by the heroes of the Bible, and approved by God/Jesus*. You’re so great that you deserve a violence-free belief system.

·       705 instances teaching intolerance, and/or racism. – many committed by God/Jesus*.

·       558 misleading contradictions. – your family deserves a book with zero contradictions (like the Book of Scientific Humanism.)

·       389 instances teaching terrible treatment of women -  many committed by the heroes of the Bible. Let’s “love women as equals.”

·       1544 crimes/injustices - many committed by the heroes of the Bible, and approved by God/Jesus* Most of these are considered huge felonies by Scientific Humanist standards.

·       60 instances teaching hatred of gays. – we teach to “love LGBTQ+ as equals.”

·       2363 instances of crazy teachings – you deserve “no crazy”.

·       188 boring/useless things - your family deserves to not have these in your family’s #1 book.

Believe that your family is creative/intelligent enough to sometimes improve on what others have written!

Peace and love.

*The Bible says that Jesus IS God. It also says that all scripture is breathed-out, or divinely inspired by, God/Jesus. The New Testament arguably also says that Jesus strongly approves of the old law and the prophets.

Center For Scientific Humanism

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