Matthew 15:24, etc.

 A woman that was a different ethnicity than God/Jesus had come to Jesus, cried, and asked Jesus to heal her sick daughter. But despite her desperate pleas God/Jesus refused to even talk to her, since she was from a different ethnicity. His own disciples were even less compassionate, as they even wanted to send her away. God/Jesus said "I wasn't sent to anyone but the lost sheep of the house of Israel." He also indirectly called her what was considered a racial slur - a “dog”. But she loved her daughter far more than Jesus did, so she relented, and he finally decided to help her – not because of compassion on his part, but because she showed great faith.

He put faith over compassion, but Scientific Humanism believes in just the opposite. A Scientific Humanist loves all races/ethnicities, equally. We want to help all races/ethnicities.

What do you believe should be greater, faith, or compassion? Please let us know.

Let’s have the most inclusive belief system in the world. God/Jesus was apparently against helping certain ethnicities/races, allegedly teaching "Don't [teach] the Gentiles or the Samaritans” (Matthew 10:5). Instead of exclusion, as a Scientific Humanist, you can be extremely inclusive. For example, you’d probably let ethical non-believers into “heaven”, and avoid “hell”, if it were up to you (unlike God/Jesus)! You can set a new standard for love and inclusion.

The majority of his disciples unfortunately taught “to no one except to [Israelites] alone.” (Acts 11:19). Can your heart be so big that you don’t exclude people based on their race/ethnicity – which is something they can’t control?

We know you can do this!


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