Science proves that the specific "god" in the BIBLE is not real.

You can’t prove that no god(s) exist - it’s usually impossible to prove a negative like that. But a person who believes that their particular “god” exists can’t prove that, say, Bigfoot does not exist, either! But what science can prove is that the specific unique god mentioned in the BIBLE is not real - because so many of The Bible’s claims about the world science has since discovered are definitely false:
1. The Fact of Evolution: “god” in the Bible; obviously got this wrong.
2. The earth being around 6000 years old (adding up the genealogies in the Bible) is of course not true – it’s around 4.5 billion years old. Many Biblical web sites teach a 6000 year old earth: This is also not true due to the fact that light from distant stars has  been proven to have been traveling much longer than that 6000 years to reach earth.
3. Bible is wrong since it believes the sun revolves around the earth is not true.
4. Bible is wrong since it believes in a flat earth.
5. Many other unscientific things, as well.

Ok, this does not mean that science can’t prove that all god(s) don’t exist, no, but it does prove that the specific (alleged) all-knowing god in the BIBLE does not exist. Note: if followers of a different god claim their god is all powerful (the god in the Bible is allegedly all-powerful, as well), that does not mean we are talking about the same god! The specific god in the Bible has unique characteristics that differentiate him from all other gods - such as having a son named "Jesus" that died on a cross for the "sin" committed by Adam/Eve, etc. In Islam, for example, their god does not have a son, and Jesus did not die on the cross - so the Christian and Islamic gods can't be the same god.

This would also mean that the Bible, even though likely well-intended, is unfortunately not honest. Scientific Humanism brings forward the best (if scientifically correct) parts of the Bible and the other top 10 belief systems. But we can’t bring forward the unscientific parts. Your family deserves a book like this!

If evolution is true, or if a 6000 year-old earth is also false, then obviously the Adam and Eve story is not true. Jesus believed in Adam and Eve in the Bible, so Jesus was not really divine - but as a non-divine philosopher Jesus had some good things to say, which we try to bring forward in our belief system. Jesus was likely well-intended, but in over 2000 years has never once refuted the Adam and Eve creation story, despite allegedly having the ability to do so - he's allegedly all-powerful, and can magically hear "prayers". If the Adam and Eve story is not true, then there was no "original sin" for Jesus' death to atone for, so then the New Testament and Jesus are not being honest about that.

At The Center For Scientific Humanism, we want to give you the world’s most honest belief system, so we can’t bring those unscientific parts forward, no matter how comforting they might be.

We love Christians/Muslims, but unfortunately many of them are kidding themselves when they believe that evolution is not true. They won’t admit that evolution is indeed true because admitting that indirectly means that they’ll have to face their biggest fear - that they won’t survive their own death. So, unfortunately, fear is what is keeping them from being honest with themselves. Let’s love them by showing them a more honest way, a less fearful way.

Love everyone.

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