Race-relations references.

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In "The 32 Signs of a Great Man" (we'd hope he'd mention women, as well):
#14 says Buddha’s skin color is superior.
#29 says that blue eyes are superior.
#72 says that certain hair color is superior – that’s all racist, unfortunately.
#75 says straight hair is inferior.

Let’s bring forward the good parts of Buddhism, w/out bringing forward the bad parts.

White skin is preferable to black skin:
1. “On the Day [some] faces will turn white and [some] faces will turn black. As for those whose faces turn black, [to them it will be said], "Did you disbelieve after your belief? Then taste the punishment for what you used to reject."” – 3:106 Sahih International
2. “But as for those whose faces will turn white, [they will be] within the mercy of Allah . They will abide therein eternally.” - 3:107 Sahih International

All virgins in Paradise are white:

Blacks have a head "like a raisin":
Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah's Apostle said, "You should listen to and obey, your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian (black) slave whose head looks like a raisin." -Sahih Bukhari 9:89:256
Narrated Anas: The Prophet said, "Listen and obey (your chief) even if an Ethiopian whose head is like a raisin were made your chief." - Sahih Bukhari 1:11:662
Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said to Abu-Dhar, "Listen and obey (your chief) even if he is an Ethiopian with a head like a raisin." – Bukhari 1:664

Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10.
"Tob shebe goyyim harog"
("Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed").
This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog ("Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed").
This passage is from the original Hebrew of the Babylonian Talmud - quoted by the 1907 Jewish Encyclopedia, published by Funk and Wagnalls and compiled by Isidore Singer, under the entry, "Gentile," (p. 617).
This original Talmud passage has been concealed in translation. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that, "...in the various versions the reading has been altered, 'The best among the Egyptians' being generally substituted." In the Soncino version: "the best of the heathens" (Minor Tractates, Soferim 41a-b].
Israelis (Jews) annually take part in a national pilgrimage to the grave of Simon ben Yohai, to honor this rabbi who advocated the extermination of non-Jews. (Jewish Press, June 9, 1989, p. 56B).

Shabat 116a. Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. The New Testament: "the books of the minim (Christian) may not be saved from the fire, but they must be burnt."
Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.
Yebamoth 98a. All Gentile (non-Jewish) children are animals.
Sanhedrin 58b. If a Gentile (non-Jew) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed.
Sanhedrin 57a. A Jew need not pay a gentile the wages owed him for work. When a Jew murders a Gentile there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep.

Talmud Bavli, and others.

Mormonism (Church of LDS):
And the skins of the Lamanites were dark, according to the mark which was set upon their fathers, which was a curse upon them because of their transgression and their rebellion against their brethren, who consisted of Nephi, Jacob, and Joseph, and Sam, who were just and holy men.” - The Book of Mormon, Alma 3:6.

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