Thursday, September 21, 2017

Is the “New Morality” better than even Jesus’ morality?

 You are faced with a choice of two different moralities to follow - “The Old Morality”, or “The New Morality”. The Old Morality is the morality that was taught prior to this century - the Bible (God/Jesus), the Qur’an, the Buddhist texts, the Hindu texts, etc. The New Morality is the updated/modernized morality that is being taught in this century – Scientific Humanism is one example.
Below are some examples of Old vs. New. This could be one of the most important decisions in your family’s life. Choose carefully.
1. The Old Morality teaches that if your family simply thinks differently than Jesus, even if they are extremely ethical, that they will get burned/tortured alive for 99.999999999%+ of their total existence (counting the “after life”.)
The New Morality is the opposite of this, as it teaches “Love people so much that you can’t accept them burning in hell just for thinking differently.”
2. The Old Morality of Jesus teaches that your family is bad (“sinners”, and “evil” or “wicked” – for something that happened thousands of years ago, that you have no say in.)
The New Morality teaches that your family is good (“you are a winner and not a sinner”, etc.) To believe in yourself enough to not let negativity or fear hold you back.
3. The Old Morality teaches that gays are so evil that they should be killed, and that God/Jesus won’t let them into “heaven”, and instead they go to “hell”. Jesus himself only defined marriage as between a man and woman.
The New Morality teaches to “love LGBTQ equally”. That if it were up to you that you would let gays into “heaven”, and avoid “hell”. That marriage can also be between a man and a man, and also between a woman and a woman. The New Morality strives to be hate-free.
4. The Old Morality teaches that your mother is inferior to men. Christianity and Islam teach that the women you love are only worth half a man. Jesus’ New Testament doesn’t think that your mother is smart enough to speak during church services. The Qur’an teaches to beat women.
The New Morality teaches that your mother should be appreciated enough to be treated as equal to men. Basing things on merit, and not on what’s between the legs. Simply love women too much to discriminate against them.
5. The Old Morality says that it’s ok to teach unscientific things to your children. Examples include a talking donkey, a talking snake, dragons, 32,000 foot-tall beings are real (a Buddhist sect), a man living inside a fish for 3 days, etc. These books are likely well-intended, but to be correct would need to be updated.
The New Morality teaches that your children deserve to be taught, as real, things that have a court-room level of evidence for them - and are scientifically-correct. Science has proven that the specific “god” in the BIBLE is not real.
Is this New Morality more loving and compassionate than the Old Morality of someone even as great as, say, Jesus? Please let us know. If you believe this New Morality is more loving and compassionate, then wouldn’t teaching the New Morality to your children, instead of the Old Morality (Bible, etc.), give you and your family a better shot at a good “after-life” (if any) – assuming that the after-life judge (a “god”) was also loving and compassionate as well?
Scientific Humanism doesn’t bring forward any of the above-mentioned old teachings, but does bring forward all of the above-mentioned new/modern/updated teachings. Also, the good parts of the Old Morality, such as “love your neighbor”, etc., we do bring forward. By doing this we are helping show that we love followers of other belief systems just as much as we love followers of our own belief system.
Will the world be a more loving place if, over the next few decades, “The New Morality” (aka “The 21st Century Morality”) slowly replaces “The Old Morality”? We value your input, so please tell us what you think about this by giving us your comments, below – or post a video response, etc.
Center For Scientific Humanism.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Can you be smarter than even “God”?

With Scientific Humanism we can possibly show you many things that are so great that they even go beyond what billions of people consider to be the smartest entity of all time – their god. You might not believe this because all your life Jesus/Bible, while well-intended, have told you that you are a “sinner”. But we can show you how you are a winner, not a “sinner”. The Golden Rule is wonderful, but in the verse right before mentioning the Golden Rule, Jesus allegedly said that you are “evil” or “wicked” – but we believe that you are good….and smart too! So we might have to improve your self-image before you believe that you can maybe be even smarter than “god”.
We love the good parts of other belief systems/religions, and have brought forward a number of the good things that their gods have allegedly said. We believe that about 70-80% of most religious texts are good, so let’s focus on those good parts – and move beyond the other 20 – 30%.
Four ways you could possibly be smarter than even “god”
1. Scientific Humanism has a great principle: “let’s have the most compassionate belief system.” So instead of killing virtually all humans in the Biblical god’s alleged world-wide flood, which also killed almost all innocent animals, too, would you be smart enough to forgive them, instead? Are you smart enough and loving enough to think up creative solutions instead of resorting to genocide of virtually all humans and virtually all animals….such as to come down and educate them? As a Scientific Humanist, because our belief system is based on evidence, reason, and common sense, you can answer “yes” to all the questions herein. We believe in you! However, if you can’t answer “yes” to all these questions, then The Center For Scientific Humanism offers you a potentially great way to improve your self-esteem.
Unlike Scientific Humanism, their god generalized that all humans were bad, so he killed every single person (except the eight people on Noah’s Ark.) However, Scientific Humanism has a principle that states: “people are innately good”, so would you have been more compassionate than he was? Because we respect all groups so much, we have the principle “don’t stereotype”. But generalizing an entire group like that is even worse than saying, for example, “ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS!!” So would you also be smart enough to not generalize about an entire group?
We believe “love your brother/sister like yourself”. Would you be loving enough to at least have spared families who had babies?
2. As a Scientific Humanist, you strive to create the most loving belief system that you possibly can. If you were in god’s shoes you’d pick a “prophet” (to spread your most-important-message-of-all-time!) that lived up to the highest moral standard of Scientific Humanism. You would have picked someone who believes in our axiom of “love everybody, equally”. So you would have moved beyond picking someone even as great as Moses (Moses had 3000 innocent people killed in Exodus 32:25-28 - this is slightly more than the 2,996 innocent people that Osama Bin Laden had killed on 9/11/2001.)
3. As a Scientific Humanist, you are so caring that you believe that you need to take care of our most vulnerable family members, first! You would have picked someone who believes in our cherished principle of “put children first”. One thing Scientific Humanism holds “sacred” is our children. We teach to “love your children so much that you could never abandon them.” You also believe in our principle of “avoid extremism”. So you would have moved beyond picking someone even as great as Jesus (Jesus wanted his followers to abandon their own children, and to hate their own children.)
4. If you were god giving his favorite “prophets” the most important messages of all time, then thinking like a Scientific Humanist, would do that with at least 30 witnesses, and not just to the prophet all my himself, alone? Doing so would of course keep fewer people out of the “hell” you created because 30 witnesses is far more credible and believable than just to one self-serving person. As a Scientific Humanist you are driven by your love of humanity (one reason that “humanity” is in the name!) Those 30 would remember  what you told them more than just one single person would, too, of course. Most people don’t believe that a particular god’s prophet is actually telling the truth, since no religion has over 29% of the world’s population as followers. When talking to Moses via the “burning bush”, or to Joseph Smith, Jr. (Mormon founder), would you have done that with 30 witnesses, so that your message was believed by far more people? People could think that one person could just be drunk, or high, or delusional, or lying about the encounter – but 30 people would be far more believable. Instead of the prophet saying “god talked to me”, the groups would say “god talked to us” – this helps people to more easily believe a prophet’s self-serving/unscientific unique claim of being the greatest human ever favored by god. If you would do this, then more people would follow your word, so fewer would need to be tortured in the “after-life”. As a loving Scientific Humanist you strive for win/win situations like this!
No one has ever told you just how great you are – that you can possibly be even smarter than “god”. You’re smarter than you realize! By doing this, Scientific Humanism provides hope for humanity. Scientific Humanism is the dawn of a new way of looking at yourself. Other belief systems were the best belief system of, say, the first century – but SH is the best belief system of the 21st century!
We believe in you and your family so much that we know that you can come up with even more ways that you could possibly be even better than their gods. Email us and tell us, at We believe in you. Let’s make the world better, one person at a time!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

With these 6 words are you smarter than any prophet?

One reason we're only 70-80% Muslim, and 70-80% Buddhist, etc., and not 100%, is because even though we love many things they say, we assume that if the prophets knew big things like where we go when we die they'd also know how old their god's favorite creation was (earth)! They would have been the first to tell the world how old the earth actually - instead, scientists were the first to correctly inform us of that. The Biblical geneologies imply the world is 6000 years old, for example, so they are off by 75,000,000%. In your life you're never been off about anything by 75,000,000% - so you're doing better than the Biblical prophets.

The Hindu texts say the earth sits on the back of elephants on top of a giant space turtle - so like the Bible, they are less credible than Scientific Humanism. Six simple words - "earth is 4.5 billion years old" - is all that would have had to have been said to give any religion instant credibility - centuries ahead of it's time, and so convincing that millions of non-believers over the years would then been more likely to have believed in the religion, and therefore avoided the brutal torture that is meted out to non-believers.

A loving god would of course do that, and you as a Scientific Humanist would of course have done that - because you "love everybody, equally", as the Book of Scientific Humanism states.

Six simple words. Not ONE prophet ever correctly knew the age of their god's favorite creation - but you do, so when you tell your children the "earth is 4.5 billion years old", you're smarter than all the prophets. Every. Single. One. As a Scientific Humanist you'll believe in yourself that much.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

OLD VERSION NOT USING - Is this a better way to get into heaven than Christianity?

Here is something that appears to give you a better shot at getting into “heaven” (if it exists), and avoiding “hell” (if it exists), than even Christianity/Jesus does. Christianity seems riskier to your after-life prospects than this approach does.

If you believe that “god is love”, then if you love god’s “children” more than even Jesus/Christians do, then wouldn’t god likely treat you better than he would treat Christians? That does make sense. If there’s an after-life judge - a “god” that judges you in the after-life, and doles out reward/punishments – wouldn’t he treat you better if you love god’s children, equally, rather than if you approve of a belief system (like Christianity) that sends roughly 70 billion of his “children” to brutal torture – all for just making the honest mistake of not beating lottery-like odds by picking the one “true” god/prophet (Jesus) out of the 5000+ unproven gods on offer?

There have been around 100 billion people to have ever lived, and only about 29% are Christians. So roughly 70 billion people are non-Christians, and many Bible verses say that all non-Christians deserve brutal torture, for eternity. So if you sincerely say this most-loving Scientific Humanist “prayer”, then if god exists, and is indeed a loving god, then you would have a better shot at a favorable after-life judgment than you would as a Christian who accepts 70 billion people being burned brutally alive in the Biblical “lake of fire” (just for being, say, a Hindu, like Gandhi):
"God, I love people so much that I beg you to let ethical hard-working non-believers into "heaven", and avoid "hell". I forgive you if you won't, but I believe it's the loving thing to do. Thanks."

Don’t you think that a loving god would say something like the following? “Scientific Humanism loves all my children, equally, but The Bible says that I’ll see that roughly 70% of them get burned alive just for thinking a certain way – why do you think I’d be that hateful towards my own children!?” I you assume that god would be that UNloving, and UNcaring, then wouldn’t that be disrespecting god? Disrespecting god would not be a good idea if you want a favorable after-life, of course!

It seems very risky not to take this more loving Scientific Humanist approach of “love god’s children, equally”. You would be taking the risk that god is not a loving god – that he’s willing to torture innocent people who just made an honest mistake….especially since no particular unique god has ever provided evidence of his existence to a court-room level of evidence (the level of evidence that we use to make our most important decisions.) So you have to make a decision: is god a loving god or not? We suggest that you err on the side of assuming that an all-knowing god is very loving – so loving that he loves Gandhi and Einstein just as much as he loves, say, a Christian that helped the world way less than those two people did. So loving that if a family member of yours became, say, a Buddhist (a non-Christian), that god would let them into “heaven”, and avoid “hell” - if they were at least an ethical person.

So if you believe that god is a loving god, then Scientific Humanism would give you a better shot at getting into heaven than even Christianity does. But aside from that selfish reason, isn’t it just the morally right thing to do to “love god’s children, equally”, and thereby move beyond a belief system that would send all ethical Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. to brutal torture? We love Christians, Muslims, etc., and want to show them an alternative, more loving belief system.

Let us know what you think.

Center For Scientific Humanism

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pope can prevent thousands of deaths by following Book of Scientific Humanism

If Pope Francis follows the Book of Scientific Humanism, then thousands of deaths will be prevented annually - he opposes condoms - which prevent spread of disease. He's a loving man, let's show him an even more loving way, and save thousands of lives in the process. The death toll in Africa alone is many thousands per year - easily preventable by following the Book of Scientific Humanism. It says that condoms are a great way to prevent the spread of disease, and has no religious reason for preventing their use, unlike the Pope.
Scientific Humanism believes that saving lives is more important than religious beliefs.
What can you do to save innocent lives? Please let us know.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Should you love Muslims?

If you hate the fact that we are in the longest war in US history - with no end in sight - should we hate Muslims or show them a better way?

We love Muslims (and Christians, too.) We bring the best parts of Islam (and Christianity) forward, but not the parts about Jihad, or mal-treatment of women and non-believers.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How good of a parent are you – versus a Christian/Muslim?

Most Christians/Muslims are very good parents, so if you want to be even a better parent than most Christians/Muslims are, then you’ll want to embrace the following part of Scientific Humanism. The Book of Scientific Humanism is the first overall belief system to be disseminated in not only printed form, but also in word processer format – so you can improve the texts. Your improved, tailored, version will be the best overall belief system that you are capable of creating! The Center for Scientific Humanism actually wants you and your family to improve the texts of its belief system - this is likely the first overall belief system to ever do that. So to even be a better parent than Christians/Muslims, you can do something that Christians/Muslims are forbidden to do by the texts of their belief system: tell your children that you believe in them so much that you believe that someday they will improve on the texts of your (Scientific Humanism) belief system!

Great parents have lots of faith in their children. The more faith you have in your kids, the more faith they have in you, and the more they can let your love into their heart. Scientific Humanists put so much faith in their children that they will tell their children that they believe in their children so much that they believe that someday those children will actually improve on the texts of the parent’s overall belief system! Not even Buddhism, or Hinduism, or Christianity etc. put this level of faith in their children!

Scientific Humanism gladly brings forward in Book of Scientific Humanism the great parts of the top 10 most popular belief systems – from the best parts of the Bible all the way to the best parts of the #10 belief system - the Sikh religion. “Love your neighbor”, and The Golden Rule, etc. are excellent rules to live by. However, those belief systems are, on this issue of belief in our children, 180 degrees the opposite of Scientific Humanism. Even great people like Jesus, Mohammad (pbuh), and Moses, all said that you are forbidden to improve on their teachings. The New and Old Testaments of the Bible won’t allow your children to improve on them (Revelations 22:18-19, and Deuteronomy 4:1-2, and and many other verses.) The Quran forbids it in Quran 15:9, and many other verses. Not even if you come up with better ideas that are better for the world. Because we know that our children are so incredible, we expect our children to someday improve on our belief system, so we couldn’t bring these particular parts of the Bible etc. forward in our Book of Scientific Humanism.

Put as much faith in your children as Scientific Humanists do, and your children will love you even more for doing that!