Sunday, March 12, 2017

Would being LESS Islamic good in ISIS's case?

In some people’s cases it can be argued that being MORE religious, more Islamic, might be a good thing. Every single thing that ISIS does they believe is Islamically-approved (sex slave markets, killing apostates, etc), as being the most pious of all Muslims they wouldn't do (on a consistent basis, that is) something that they think is not Islamically-approved. So at least in the case of ISIS, would them being LESS Islamic be a good thing?

Would them being MORE Scientific Humanist be a good thing?

Your thoughts?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Your thoughts on the Islamic prophet?

We respect the prophet (PBUH), and Muslims, and there are many things we love about both.

We love:
1. Charity (the Islamic prophet was big on that, it's even in the Five Pillars of Islam, and one of our Top 10 Commandments.)
2. "Killing one person is like killing all of humanity" (great - we should take this sentiment to heart more often.)
3. Muslims! "Love Muslims", our belief system states.
4. The example of the mean lady throwing stuff at him, and then him helping her when she was sick (we admire that.)
5. Mindfulness (he taught that, and so does our book.)
6. Humility.
7. Too many good things to list here - please ask our Muslim friends to teach you more.

Could be improved on (in our opinion), so we didn’t bring these parts of the Islamic texts forward:
1. He said to kill gays, but Scientific Humanism teaches us to "love everybody, equally." (this will create a better world.)
2. Q4:34 says to beat women in many translations, but Scientific Humanism says "love women equally - they are your mothers, daughters, bosses, politicians, etc."
3. Some hadith say he had sex with a 9-year-old (we weren’t there, so that could be wrong), but our book says "no sex with kids", and "follow the laws of the democracy you are in" - and no Western democracy allows sex with kids today. We now know that that damages girls in many ways. Did his god know that?
4. Approved of sex slavery – as we see The Islamic State practicing today (his example is “for all time.”) Our book says “love people enough to not approve of slavery anywhere in the world.” If Scientific Humanists were in his position back then, they would, like their book says, say “end slavery within the next 30 years." Just think how great the world would have been if the prophets (including great ones like Jesus, Moses, etc.) had taken the 15 seconds to utter those 7 great words.

Our belief system brought forward the first list, but not the 2nd list - why bring forward the second list when, say, Buddhism, Christianity, and the other 10 top belief systems have stuff that is so GOOD - too much to bring all the good stuff forward even. So there's obviously no room for the bad stuff.
We love our families enough to believe that they deserve the good stuff from them all, without any of the bad stuff. We even encourage our children's generation to add to our book – we believe in them that much. Do prophets love them that much?

Do you agree with this list?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Are you a sinner or a winner?

We know which one you are. How about you, do you know? Here's a hint: you're incredible!

You deserve a belief system that thinks you're incredible.