We will continue to improve on the Bible

We love humanity too much to bring forward the bad parts of the Bible and other religious texts, such as God/Jesus' approval of slavery, women only being worth half a man, gays should be killed and God/Jesus won't let gays into heaven, God/Jesus killing babies, etc. But in addition to that, with your help, we will continue to bring forward into our belief system the good parts of the top 10 religions in the world.

The next step is to improve upon those good parts, such as "love thy neighbor". With your help we've done this in many areas, and here are just a few short examples of this:

We've improved on the Bible's 10 Commandments, with the Ten Commandments of Scientific Humanism.

"Love thy neighbor": we've made a slight improvement to "Love everybody, equally". With your ideas we will hopefully improve this even further.

"Treat others as you yourself wish to be treated": a less self-centered way, and a way that addresses their concerns more is this:  "Treat others how they wish to be treated". I, myself, don't for example want someone to bow to me, but my traditional, aged, Japanese-native neighbor does indeed feel that it's a sign of respect for people to bow to him. What "you yourself" want is not as important as what they want! By following this Scientific Humanist Golden Rule, you can move to a higher level than even someone as great as Jesus.

Treat slaves with respect, the Bible says. It also says that you can beat them to death and you shouldn't get punished if the death drags out longer than a day or two. The Book of Scientific Humanism will be a more ethical book for you, as it says "No slavery". As a Scientific Humanist, if you were in God/Jesus' shoes, you'd have said "write this down, end slavery w/in the next 25 years", because we are driven not by tradition, but by what's best for humanity.

You deserve a flexible belief system, not an inflexible one. One that looks to the future, and not only the past. One that is dynamic and not static.

You're incredible - you're not a "sinner", or "evil", or "wicked" like God/Jesus says. So we believe in you so much that, unlike other belief systems, we are willing to change the texts of our belief system if you show us a better way. So please email your ideas to us at the Center For Scientific Humanism, at info@ScientificHumanism.org, or write in the comments section.


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