Sunday, September 17, 2017

With these 6 words are you smarter than any prophet?

One reason we're only 70-80% Muslim, and 70-80% Buddhist, etc., and not 100%, is because even though we love many things they say, we assume that if the prophets knew big things like where we go when we die they'd also know how old their god's favorite creation was (earth)! They would have been the first to tell the world how old the earth actually - instead, scientists were the first to correctly inform us of that. The Biblical geneologies imply the world is 6000 years old, for example, so they are off by 75,000,000%. In your life you're never been off about anything by 75,000,000% - so you're doing better than the Biblical prophets.

The Hindu texts say the earth sits on the back of elephants on top of a giant space turtle - so like the Bible, they are less credible than Scientific Humanism. Six simple words - "earth is 4.5 billion years old" - is all that would have had to have been said to give any religion instant credibility - centuries ahead of it's time, and so convincing that millions of non-believers over the years would then been more likely to have believed in the religion, and therefore avoided the brutal torture that is meted out to non-believers.

A loving god would of course do that, and you as a Scientific Humanist would of course have done that - because you "love everybody, equally", as the Book of Scientific Humanism states.

Six simple words. Not ONE prophet ever correctly knew the age of their god's favorite creation - but you do, so when you tell your children the "earth is 4.5 billion years old", you're smarter than all the prophets. Every. Single. One. As a Scientific Humanist you'll believe in yourself that much.


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  1. I think the Saint Germain Teachings from the Saint Germain Foundation agree with the scientists.