Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How good of a parent are you – versus a Christian/Muslim?

Most Christians/Muslims are very good parents, so if you want to be even a better parent than most Christians/Muslims are, then you’ll want to embrace the following part of Scientific Humanism. The Book of Scientific Humanism is the first overall belief system to be disseminated in not only printed form, but also in word processer format – so you can improve the texts. Your improved, tailored, version will be the best overall belief system that you are capable of creating! The Center for Scientific Humanism actually wants you and your family to improve the texts of its belief system - this is likely the first overall belief system to ever do that. So to even be a better parent than Christians/Muslims, you can do something that Christians/Muslims are forbidden to do by the texts of their belief system: tell your children that you believe in them so much that you believe that someday they will improve on the texts of your (Scientific Humanism) belief system!

Great parents have lots of faith in their children. The more faith you have in your kids, the more faith they have in you, and the more they can let your love into their heart. Scientific Humanists put so much faith in their children that they will tell their children that they believe in their children so much that they believe that someday those children will actually improve on the texts of the parent’s overall belief system! Not even Buddhism, or Hinduism, or Christianity etc. put this level of faith in their children!

Scientific Humanism gladly brings forward in Book of Scientific Humanism the great parts of the top 10 most popular belief systems – from the best parts of the Bible all the way to the best parts of the #10 belief system - the Sikh religion. “Love your neighbor”, and The Golden Rule, etc. are excellent rules to live by. However, those belief systems are, on this issue of belief in our children, 180 degrees the opposite of Scientific Humanism. Even great people like Jesus, Mohammad (pbuh), and Moses, all said that you are forbidden to improve on their teachings. The New and Old Testaments of the Bible won’t allow your children to improve on them (Revelations 22:18-19, and Deuteronomy 4:1-2, and and many other verses.) The Quran forbids it in Quran 15:9, and many other verses. Not even if you come up with better ideas that are better for the world. Because we know that our children are so incredible, we expect our children to someday improve on our belief system, so we couldn’t bring these particular parts of the Bible etc. forward in our Book of Scientific Humanism.

Put as much faith in your children as Scientific Humanists do, and your children will love you even more for doing that!

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