Saturday, April 11, 2015

Is Scientific Humanism the cure to Middle East Crisis?

It appears to be, still after 1400 years, all-out war between the Muslims and Jews in the Middle East. Nothing seems to get better there...ever. Hundreds are dead this last week alone, and over 1400 injured!

Now, this seemingly endless war may go nuclear some day. This must stop!

But we suggest a solution. At the Center for Scientific Humanism, our unique belief system has no "death to non-believers" type of wording in it. And no historical claims to land (by BOTH sides.)

We "worship" science and reason and logic. No mysticism here. We also love ALL of humanity, not just people who are from "our" group.

We pray for the (well....we don't actually pray as such here, but you get the point!) safety of all sides in this conflict, and hope that one day Muslim and Jew can become friends instead of apparent enemies.

Tell us what you think.