Sunday, December 25, 2016

Let’s rename Christmas legal holiday

Please sign our petition to rename the legal Christmas Holiday to a more inclusive name. We’re not asking to change the name of Christmas itself, but just the name of the legal holiday. We were the very first to use Twitter hashtags #RenameXmasHoliday, and #RenameChristmasHoliday, so this is a fairly new movement. We’re excited about this! We believe in religious freedom, so in no way do we want to ban Christmas itself.
The first 94 years of the USA Christmas was not even a legal holiday since Christmas was not proclaimed a holiday by the United States Congress until 1870. The US and Canada have no official religion, so let’s not be effectively promoting one religion over all the others.
We also want to counter the ever-growing #WarOnChristmas movement, since we don’t seek to ban Christmas, just change the legal name of the holiday. Groups are already trying to remove religious freedom, such as the ban Christmas on campus movement by groups such as “Students For An Inclusive Holiday Season” campus reform movement:
We love Christians. We believe 70-80% of the Bible (and Qur’an, etc.) is probably good. But we also love Muslims, atheists, Hindus, etc. Because one of our 10 Commandments of Scientific Humanism is “love everybody, equally”, we want Scientific Humanism to be the most inclusive overall belief system ever created. So therefore we don’t believe in Christian Privilege, which is of course exactly what a legal holiday that’s named after only one religion is promoting.
“Christmas” was named for the birth of Christ, of the Bible. The name “Christmas” implies support of one man. Let’s be more inclusive than this. Also, this Christ (according to 12 verses in the Bible) is not as inclusive as Scientific Humanism teaches since he believes that non-believers, no matter how ethical they might be (such as Hindus, Buddhists, etc.), deserve to be tortured forever after their deaths.
Naming a holiday after only one religion’s god - “Christ(mas)” - feels like one particular religion is being shoved in our face. It feels also like religion itself is being shoved in our face – but the number of “nones” - those who state their religion as “none” - is skyrocketing. This is offensive to those that use science, and not the magic of religions, to guide their lives. So the time for change has finally arrived.
Christmas has also become a gaudy orgy of consumerism, and is actually more like “Consumermas”, or “Consumptionmas”.
A more inclusive and loving name would be a legal name change to ”Winter holiday”, or ”Winter celebrations”, or “Winterval festival“. Or perhaps have it be the day we choose to celebrate the “Winter Solstice”.
You deserve all legal holidays to be inclusive! So let’s either give all major religions a national holiday, or change the name of the Dec. 25 holiday. Make a statement to support the separation of church and state, and to show your love for all Americans.

The Center For Scientific Humanism